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With an experienced team, and excellent facilities you'll find everything you need at Ashridge Gym.


Excellent Facilities, Incredible Price.

We've got everything you need to hit your fitness goals. As well as an enthusiastic, highly-qualified team ready to help you improve. Whether you're a fitness pro, or just getting started we've got you covered.

Gym & weights room
Swimming pool
Jacuzzi & sauna
Unlimited classes
Tennis courts
Mountain biking
Free health assessment
Free parking
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months

£49/ month

£45/ month

£41/ month

£39/ month

There's no joining fee, and all memberships have full access to all our facilities.

Finding us.

Here's where you'll find us. If you have any questions just say the word. We'll be on hand to help.

Weekdays: 6:30am - 8pm

Weekends: 8am - 4pm


01442 841450


Ashridge House, Berkhamsted HP4 1NS


Set in the grounds of Ashridge House.

Our gym and leisure centre is set in the beautiful grounds of Ashridge House, a former royal residence. Make sure to wander the grounds or visit the cafe for a post-workout pick-me-up.

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Try the facilities and meet the team by booking your free trial day below. Select your preferred date and a team member will confirm with you right away.

Meet your team

Our experienced team are here to help. You'll see them around the gym and leading classes. If you have any questions or guidance you can ask anytime.


Our classes

If classes are your thing, we've got lots to choose from. Whether you're looking to relax and unwind, or push your limits, we've got the class for you.


A full-body workout! The workout is designed to target every muscle in your body and to burn as many calories as possible. During the workout, you will use your body weight to push you through your limits, to build a stronger and fitter you!

Body balance

Looking to improve your balance? Well, this class is for you! In this class, we will look at improving your balance but also other skills, such as coordination and spatial awareness. This class will not only test your physical strength but will also test you mentally. Week to week we will look to push you a little harder to get the results you need.


Helps you strengthen your core muscles, flexibility, posture and mental wellbeing. Throughout the class, you will go through different stretches and exercises to help improve these key areas with an experienced instructor.


This is a high-intensity class specially designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance but also muscular endurance. During this class, you will sprint, climb, glide and jog your way through, feeling stronger and fitter by the end!


A great form of exercise that is for anyone! aqua is a fantastic way to improve both muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Top tip, aqua aerobics has minimal impact and is very good for anyone who suffers from joint pain while exercising.


Looking to turn up the intensity? Then this is the class for you! After this class you will defiantly feel the pump, the workout is a full-body workout and will help sculpt your body, building muscle but also burning fat.


Stretch, Tone and Relax. This class looks at your recovery, we will take you through some basic core and conditioning exercises. We will mainly look at mobility and stretching exercises. If you are after an active recovery or simply want to come and stretch, this is a great class to help loosen up your body.

Mix & Match

This class is a mixture of high and low impact aerobic dance moves, with added body conditioning to help tone up your body.


A hybrid class that combines both movements from Yoga and Pilates. This will help you strengthen your muscles and also become more flexible.

Do I need to book?

You'll need to book if you'd like to use the pool or join a class, but not for visiting the gym floor.

What are your opening times?

We're open on weekdays from 6:30am to 8pm, and weekends from 8am to 4pm.

Do you offer classes?

Absolutely, we offer a huge variety of classes every week. They're all included as part of your membership.

Do you offer personal training?

Yes we do! Work with our experienced team to gain confidence in the gym and safely reach your goals. Also as part of your membership, you'll receive a free health assessment and programme card. This helps you get an understanding of where you are currently - looking at areas like your blood pressure, weight, height, flexibility.

Do you offer sports massage?

Yes we do, please speak with our team to book your session.